Aufbrüche. Abbrüche. Umbrüche.

Kunst in Ost-Berlin 1985 – 1995
25. August – 11. Dezember 2022

Sabine Herrmann, weggehen, 1989, Öl auf Leinwand, 130x120cm, Sammlung Stiftung KUNSTFORUM der Berliner Volksbank

From late summer 2022, the Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank, together with the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin, is showing the exhibition Aufbrüche. Abbrüche. Umbrüche. Kunst in Ost-Berlin 1985‒1995. Both institutions are featuring not only an exciting decade in art but two important art collections in Berlin at the same time. Using examples by 55 artists from the extensive Kunstsammlung der Berliner Volksbank and the inventory of the Stadtmuseum Berlin’s (Berlin City Museum) art collections, the presentation looks back at the lively and diverse art scene in East Berlin before and after the changes brought about by the fall of the Berlin Wall. The exhibition can be viewed at three locations: at the Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank in Charlottenburg and at two venues of the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin in Mitte, the Museum Nikolaikirche (St. Nicholas’ Church Museum) and the Museum Ephraim-Palais.

Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank, Kaiserdamm 105, Berlin

Interview mit Sabine Herrmann und Klaus Killisch, 2022